Actus Quick Tip – How to Change to a longer Monorail.

The Actus series of cameras is a modular unit that allows for an almost unlimited potential for customization. The standard Actus configuration comes included with a 150mm monorail (175mm for Actus DB/Actus GFX), but has the ability to be used with extended rails for longer focal length lenses or for macro purposes. The AC-330 monorail […]


Andrew Lerman: Stories Without Words

Who is Andrew Lerman? I have been married for the past 39 years to my lovely wife, Judi.  For all of that time our home has been in Westchester County, NY.  We have two adult sons, one daughter-in-law and one perfect grandchild.  When not photographing, I am hiking locally, trying to play golf and rolling […]


Jawad Malik – Beautiful Simplicity and Randomness:

  Words and Photography by Jawad Malik Inspiration… The reason I like photography is because it rewards observation and attention. An observant eye notices the infinite beauty in nature that’s in plain sight but goes unnoticed. Nature can be most beautiful in its simplicity and randomness – finding an interesting cloud formation or an interesting […]

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Lee Varis: Testing the Ultimate Technical Camera – Part 2

Words and Photos by Lee Varis of Varis Photomedia This 2nd part of my examination of the Cambo Actus GFX system focuses (literally) on the lens tilting functionality. The tilting lens stage allows the photographer to alter the plane of focus, usually to match the plane of focus with the subject, to achieve better depth of focus […]


Lee Varis: Testing the Ultimate Technical Camera – Part 1

Words and Photos by Lee Varis of Varis Photomedia I recently had the opportunity to test the Cambo Actus technical camera with the FUJIFILM GFX—this was very exciting for me because I could renew my experience with view cameras in a new digital configuration! The Cambo Actus is essentially a view camera front end to just about […]


Cambo Products Now Available at Samy’s Camera & Samy’s Cinema Works.

We are very excited to announce that Cambo products are now available for purchase at Samy’s Camera and Samy’s Cinema Works locations. A big welcome from all of us at Cambo USA to everyone who is a part of the Samy’s team! For more information or to place your order contact your Samy’s salesperson or Cambo […]


Guest Post: Bryan Minear – A Week With The Actus Mini.

Recently we reached out to Bryan Minear, Fuji X-Photographer, to offer a test of the Cambo Actus-Mini for the Fuji-X platform. Here are his thoughts.  Photos and text by Bryan Minear. Shared here with his permission. I don’t write as often as I’d like to. So when Cambo USA reached out to tell me about […]

ACXL-336 Cambo Ultima Adaptor

Cambo ACXL-366

The Actus GFX announced earlier this year is a portable solution with geared shifts designed with the GFX user in mind.  For those of you who prefer a full-size view camera for in studio use Cambo is happy to announce that the Actus-XL is now available with GFX bayonet. ACXL-366 is the conversion kit from […]

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Who is Cambo?

  Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit the Cambo HQ and Factory in The Netherlands to take a look at how the Cambo products we all know and love are designed, machined, and hand assembled to perfection. Cambo started producing cameras in 1947 and has the distinction of being the first company […]


Cambo ACB-980

Cambo has introduced an upgrade solution so previous purchasers of the Cambo Actus camera platform for DLSR and Mirrorless systems can upgrade and use the new Fuji GFX. The kit consists of a new rear standard, the bayonet holder with GFX bayonet and a front riser block to match  the height of the GFX body. […]