Cambo HV-GFX & HV-XCD – Lens Adaptors

The HV-GFX and HV-XCD are the first in a line of traditional adapters allowing for  legacy lenses to be used on mirrorless medium format bodies with electronic shutter capabilities. These lens adapters allow for the mounting of Hasselblad-C lenses in combination with the Fujifilm GFX or Hasselblad X1D camera bodies. The renderings below are design prototypes and […]


Cambo PCH

Recently debuted at Photo Plus Expo 2017,  the Cambo PCH (Precision Controlled Head) is a newly designed geared tripod head with dual axis gearing for precise control of your camera. Cambo’s NEW tripod head has amazing flexibility. It can tilt, swing, rotate as if it were a ball head, and it has precision gears for fine-tuned […]


Distagon-35 Retrofit for Cambo Actus

We’re happy to announce another lens option for the Cambo Actus. A special order Carl Zeiss Contax Distagon-35 refitted for use on our view cameras. The skilled technicians at Cambo carefully remove the helical focussing mount and replace the aperture control with a manual – 15 bladed – version. This beautiful lens works perfectly paired […]


Actus Quick Tip – Shooting Longer Focal Lengths without Additional Monorails

Heres a quick tip for all of our Actus users. Recently we received an email asking for us to perform a “science experiment”. One of our users wanted to take his Actus hiking while carrying the least amount of gear possible. He also wanted to use longer focal length lenses without the need to change […]

Fotocare Square Logo

Cambo Products Now Available at Fotocare.

We are happy to announce that Cambo products are available for order and purchase at Fotocare in New York City! Please reach out to your sales contact for more information, or to be paired with a salesperson please contact Cambo USA at   41 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010 (212) 741-2991


Cambo Actar-105

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Cambo Actar series of lenses pre-mounted for use with the Actus camera system. The ACTAR-105 is a lens dedicated to the Cambo Actus in combination with any DSLR or mirrorless camera, mounted to the Actus. This lens is permanently attached to an Actus lens panel […]


Cambo Actus-XCD

Now that Hasselblad has released a new firmware for their X1d camera, that allows the use of the built-in electronic shutter, we at Cambo are pleased to introduce new products that support the Hasselblad X1d body. As a further development of the ACTUS-G product line for medium format mirrorless cameras, Cambo is now introducing the […]


Cambo CA-XCD

Based on the knowledge used in our other Canon lens adapters, Cambo has now created an adapter to enable the use of Canon lenses on the Hasselblad-X1D camera. This adapter is mounted directly to the X1D camera bayonet and it controls the aperture of Canon lenses electronically, by similar controls as on the ACB-CA, WRE-CA […]


Cambo ACXL-985 – Cognisys StackShot Bracket.

Introducing the ACXL-985 Bracket system for the Cognisys StackShot system.   Cambo has enabled the use of the Cognisys StackShot on the Ultima and Actus-XL view cameras. This kit includes the needed bracket and gearing to connect to your Cambo view camera. By applying tilt and/or swing to the front standard the amount of shots needed to obtain the […]


Cambo at Photo Plus Expo 2017.

It’s coming up on everyone’s favorite time of the year once again. This year we will be taking up Booth 152 and showing the latest products and offerings from Cambo.