Computer rendering of a new product featuring dual gears for more accurate control

Launching later this quarter, the AC-380 and AC-381 fine gear drives add yet another option for customers looking to get the most out of their existing Actus camera. 

The new dual knob design allows for both standard and reduced gearing.

This double gear knob kit for focus and tilt will be interchangeable with the current axle/knob/gear. The large knob controls as it does with the existing knob set, however this will add a smaller knob that reduces the movement to 1:5 gearing for more precise control and self locking. 

Because of the slight differences in base design, two versions of this upgrade will be offered. The AC-380 for customers using the Actus-Mini and the AC-381 for Actus-G or Actus-DB II users. Both kits will be identically priced.

Pre-orders are starting now with any of our US Dealers and will be shipping soon.