We’re happy to announce another lens option for the Cambo Actus.

A special order Carl Zeiss Contax Distagon-35 refitted for use on our view cameras.

The skilled technicians at Cambo carefully remove the helical focussing mount and replace the aperture control with a manual – 15 bladed – version.

This beautiful lens works perfectly paired with both mirrorless medium format cameras and DSLRs. Even with Nikon (Nikon has the longest Flange Focal distance), thanks to the new barrel without helical.

The below test shot was made with an Actus-GFX. 5mm of fall, combined with horizontal shift to enable a stitched image.


Due to the special conversion requirements of needing a donor lens, this service will need to be arranged with your Cambo dealer of choice. A list of dealers can be found at Cambousa.com/dealers and we at Cambo USA would be happy to provide more information or to begin the conversion process.


Written by cambo